Boosting Customer Loyalty with Captive WiFi's New Integration: Welcome, Piggy!

Boosting Customer Loyalty with Captive WiFi's New Integration: Welcome, Piggy!

Excited to announce Captive WiFi's latest integration with Piggy! Enhance customer loyalty and craft seamless digital journeys effortlessly. Reach out to discover more! 🚀
WiFi Marketing Blog
June 20, 2023

In today's digital-driven hospitality landscape, creating memorable customer journeys isn't just about a fantastic in-house experience—it extends to the digital realm. How seamlessly can your guests interact with your brand online? Captive WiFi's latest integration with the CRM loyalty solution, Piggy , is set to redefine this experience.

Why Captive WiFi and Piggy Integration is a Game-Changer

The integration is intuitive and powerful. When customers connect to the WiFi, they aren't just getting internet access. They're being seamlessly verified and activated as loyalty customers. Imagine the possibilities: Guests casually connect to the WiFi, and by the time they're browsing or checking their messages, they're already on their way to enjoying your loyalty benefits.

But that's not where the magic ends. For businesses that have opted for the Piggy loyalty wallet, guests can effortlessly download this wallet right from the WiFi landing page. To add the cherry on top, they can even view their loyalty points without additional steps. In short, the WiFi journey of your customer is now laden with rewarding experiences, and they don't have to jump through hoops to get there.

The Power of Unified Experiences

Combining the capabilities of Captive WiFi and Piggy brings an unmatched synergy to the table:

  1. Increased Customer Engagement: The integration ensures that customers are constantly interacting with your brand's loyalty program. Every time they access the WiFi, they're reminded of the rewards awaiting them.
  2. Rapid Database Growth: By making the loyalty program part and parcel of the WiFi login experience, businesses witness a significant uptick in registrations. This leads to a richer database and more comprehensive insights.
  3. Boosted Return Visits: Displaying loyalty points on the WiFi landing page acts as a gentle nudge. It encourages customers to come back, redeem those points, and keep the loyalty cycle going.
  4. Simplified Customer Journey: With no additional steps or apps to download separately, customers enjoy a frictionless journey. This simplicity can massively amplify customer satisfaction rates.
  5. Cost-Efficient Marketing: As customers increasingly engage with the loyalty program, businesses can channel their marketing efforts more precisely. This results in cost-efficient and highly effective campaigns.


In the hospitality sector, the marriage between digital and physical realms is crucial. It's about making every touchpoint and every interaction count. Captive WiFi's integration with Piggy embodies this philosophy. It's not just about providing internet access; it's about crafting rewarding digital journeys for every guest.

The integration exemplifies how technology, when harnessed correctly, can boost brand loyalty, increase return visits, and cultivate lasting customer relationships. In an age where customer experience is paramount, tools and integrations like these are the secret ingredients to building a loyal fanbase.

For businesses keen on capitalising on every opportunity to engage with their customers, it's clear: the fusion of Captive WiFi and Piggy is not just desirable—it's essential.