Revolutionising Hospitality Marketing Beyond Social Media with Captive WiFi

Revolutionising Hospitality Marketing Beyond Social Media with Captive WiFi

Discover how Captive WiFi is reshaping hospitality marketing by expanding beyond traditional social media strategies. Learn about its potential in capturing valuable customer data, automating personalized engagement, and driving impressive ROI, all while enhancing your guests' experience.

In today's digital age, hospitality businesses often rely heavily on social media platforms to connect with their customers. However, it's crucial to understand that social media is just one piece of the marketing puzzle. For an effective and holistic marketing strategy, having access to a solid database and marketing automation is essential.

Let me take you through a fascinating conversation I had with one of our hospitality clients that transformed their approach. 💬The client was largely relying on Instagram for customer connection. When I asked about their database or marketing automation, the response was, "We don't have any emails or database yet." 😯

It seemed that despite having numerous customer touchpoints, like guest WiFi, they were missing out on a golden opportunity to capture valuable customer data.I asked, "Why aren't you using the guest WiFi to capture your customers' data and use a CRM and marketing automation to reward, send offers and communicate with your customers to bring customers back and increase your ROI?

Would you like to try Captive WiFi?" Intrigued and excited to leverage their resources better, they agreed to give our solution a shot. 🎯Setting up Captive WiFi is simple and swift. In under 10 minutes, we had them up and running, ready to unlock the true potential of their guest WiFi. 🕐💡Fast forward a few weeks and the transformation was impressive.

They had collected 300 opt-in marketing email addresses, ready to use. Four months in, that number has skyrocketed to a whopping 3,500 email addresses! Now, they are efficiently communicating with their growing client list, bringing back more customers and noticeably increasing their ROI. 📈🎉This experience underlines the incredible benefits of integrating WiFi data capture and marketing automation.

Captive WiFi helps you connect with your customers beyond the limitations of social media, fostering deeper relationships and driving growth. So, why limit your business to just social media when you can harness the power of Captive WiFi?

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your hospitality marketing today! 🌐🚀